These everyday items have accompanied the lives of Japanese people.We want to show their quality and diversity to a greater number of people in Japan and abroad.We want to convey the feel of warm hands that crafted and produced these items.The "365-Day Charming Everyday Things" (nicknamed San-Roku-Go) Project was launchedout of such sincere wishes.

365 charming items that reflect the wisdom, skills and aesthetic sense of Japanese people,offer practical use in everyday life, and deliver comfort, fun and small happiness to us,have been selected to decorate each of the pages of this day-by-day calendar.These items are now transcending the national border to be displayed and sold in Paris.

Enjoy each day with our selection of 365 loveable Japanese items that add a little joy to your daily living,and wish for an even more charming day to come tomorrow.


365日 Charming Everyday Things in Paris

The first day and opening party of the “365 Charming Everyday Things” exhibition that took place at Bastille Design Center in Paris from January 20 (Fri) to January 25, 2012 (Wed)
365日 Charming Everyday Things in Tokyo

The first day and opening party of the “365 Charming Everyday Things” exhibition that took place at POLA MUSEUM ANNEX in Ginza from March 21 (Wed) to March 25, 2012 (Sun)


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